• Korak 1
    The skin is hydrated with Ultra podbaza. Dermacolor Camouflage Creme 4 g is mixed with Make-up Blend to achieve an even & sheer complexion. Shimmering Event tečni puder (golden beige) is buffed into the cheekbones and a hint to the brow bone, chin, cupid’s bow and bridge of the nose. HD Micro Foundation Cream 8.5 g illuminates the skin. Lip N' Cheek (hibiscus) is pressed into the apples and blended along the cheekbone while Lip N' Cheek (amaryllis) is concentrated along the contour line.
  • Korak 2
    HD Cream Liner (sahara) is the base of the eye make-up creating a durable foundation. It is applied all over the eyelid and continued round underneath the bottom lash line. The Paleta sjena sa 15 boja (Smokey Rose) complements this trend perfectly. Mat sjena za oči (M 13) is firstly blended over the lid and into the socket line. Mat sjena za oči (timber) is then buffed into the socket line and swept underneath the bottom lash line adding definition.
  • Korak 3
    Mat sjena za oči (maroon) is applied to the corners of the socket line, softly blended out and under the bottom lashes. Mat sjena za oči (congo) then adds depth in the same areas and pressed close to the root of the bottom lashes. Individual Cluster Eyelashes in Small are layered with a focus on the outer corners. A coating of Color Intensifier maskara (black) defines. HD Cream Liner (cacao) lines the top lashes and elongate into a fine graduating flick.
  • Korak 4
    Natural brows are key in this trend, so a minimal application of Puder za obrve (light) and Puder za obrve (medium) helps to softly enhance. The Light powder is applied at the beginning and tail of the brow while Medium adds needed depth through the center. Glamour Glow (juicy moon) adds iridescent flush to the apples of the cheek while Glamour Glow (pale tan) highlights the inner corner of the eyes.
  • Korak 5
    To prime, Balzam za njegu usana is applied first. Faceliner (36) naturally defines the lip line and is blended onto the entire lip. Lip Stain ruž za usne (latin) is pressed in providing a blush of durable color. Once dry, High Gloss sjaj za usne (seduction) and High Gloss sjaj za usne (candy) are mixed together to complement the undertone of the Eye Shadow and applied sparingly. Finally, Glamour Glow (sun kissed) and Glamour Glow (moon dust) are buffed over the cheeks.
  • Paul James Merchant
    U Kryolan-u mi pravimo kozmetiku. Ali ne kao i svi drugi. Zato što za razliku od svih drugih, mi zapravo i pravimo vlastitu kozmetiku. Radimo to na svoj način već 70 godina i tri genercije. Mi razmišljamo o njima. Proizvodimo ih. Formulišemo i sa ljubavlju ih donesemo na svijet. Postoji samo jedan istinski proizvođač profesionalne kozmetike. Postoji samo jedan Kryolan.